How to Write a Good Movie Review?

Writing a movie review on Article Market might be similar to writing a simple reaction paper during high school about the movie your teacher told your class to watch. However, despite its normality, not all high school and college students know how to write well.
Not everyone knows how to convey the exact message they want to tell the readers. You may love the movie’s message, but how can you translate your overflowing thoughts into clear and concise words? Here is how.
While watching a movie, take down notes
The first thing you have to do is watch the film you’re …

Portrait Making: Difference Between Film and Painting

Taking photo to custom paint by numbers kit is crucial If you need to achieve likeness, appropriate mood, angle and impact. People are full of expressions and are astounding subjects when it comes to visual arts. However, there are some people who are still confused whether the best portraits are achieved via film or traditional art, specifically painting.
What exactly makes the two different from one another? In this article, we will look at the differences between film and painting with regards to portrait making.

Christian Movies to Watch on Netflix Right Now

Netflix offers a large variety of genres catering to many different interests of its consumers which are like gifts they can use including the ones who greatly enjoy religious movies. We have listed down 10 of the best Christian movies that are streaming right now on Netflix.

Like Arrows

When Alice fell pregnant, she and Charlie decided to get married. Eventually, they had three beautiful children and adopted one more Asian girl, Faith. Charlie soon becomes an alcoholic and is too busy to spend time with his family. One of their children, …

The Dancing Jesus: The First Christian Movie Masterpiece

Social media affects a user either positively or negatively. According to hypetik, Once a person spends most of his precious hours arguing and debating with strangers in the comment section of Facebook, it’s no doubt it is influencing in a negative way. But the moment a person chooses to use social media to make his/her business thrive, by means of let’s say online selling, express his/her thoughts to inspire others, communicate with a family member that is maybe working abroad; then social media is being used beneficially.
If you haven’t watched Joseph Landreths, a.k.a. Joseph, the …

A List of Excellent Christian Movies You Must Watch

Coming Home
This is the movie mentioned by altadefinizione , John is a hard-working man who is very passionate about his career, which negatively impacts his time with family. When his father passed away, he had no choice but to confront his past, know his priorities, and get through the struggles of his life spiritually.
A Christian Carol
As you may have guessed, the movie is rooted in Charles Dickens’s creation, A Christmas Carol, but with emphasis on Christianity and faith. In the story, Carol, who is the protagonist, journeys to discover the …

Christian Movies for Netflix Marathon

Netflix and showbox download has become more and more popular over the past years. Sitting on your comfortable sofa with snacks and a good movie will be the best way to relax after a stressful day – or maybe if you just want to chill. Watching TV online with a positive message to inspire will surely be good for you and your family though it’s quite hard to find one. However, with Netflix, you can now easily find Christian movies that will surely lift your spirits. Here are some Christian movies available on Netflix.
An Interview with God
Synopsis: A journalist named Paul Asher…

Movies about Online Safety for Kids

The Internet and everything inside it have been a major part in children’s lives for many years. Experts from stated that even as young as a one-year-old has been exposed to the numerous things that the online entity has to offer.
Because of it, as they grow older, they become more eager to browse for things that spark their interest without taking into considerations the dangers that may occur.
So parents, if you want to acquaint your kids with these risks and things to do to avoid it, here are four websites with films that practice online safety and share …

Enhance Your Low Budget Film with These High Quality Sound Tips

The quality of the video as well as the audio are the main determinants of the quality of your production. As mentioned on RDA website the quality will consequently have an influence on whether the audience will love your product or not.  While it might be relatively easy to take quality videos, capturing quality audio is sometimes tricky. When shooting low budget films, you might be worried about the quality of your film and sound. Nevertheless, you do not have to worry about the quality of your sound since it is possible to capture high-quality sound. This article will show you how to do it….

Some of the Best Online Film Streaming Sites in the UK

Watching your favorite films and shows is now becoming easier for everyone. Online film streaming sites are taking over the film showing industry by storm. With this, you don’t need to worry about the harmful viruses that you may get from free downloading sites. Moreover, you don’t need to fear about spoiling yourself too much in movie theaters instead of saving money.
Without further ado, here are some of the best online film streaming sites which allow you to watch films in the UK:
Amazon Prime Video
When you join the Amazon Prime membership, you will be able to …

Movies Perfect for Amazing Sound System

Oftentimes, a bad sound system takes some parts of an incredible movie away, making it less enjoyable to watch. This is why a flip out head unit & stereo reviews is very important not just in playing music but also in watching movies.
If you’re into watching movies, you should think about investing in a good home theater, not just a good car sound system. If you do have it already, then all you need is this list of good movies to watch:
Step Up Series
The franchise started with Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan. The first movie led to the …