Writing a movie review on Article Market might be similar to writing a simple reaction paper during high school about the movie your teacher told your class to watch. However, despite its normality, not all high school and college students know how to write well.

Not everyone knows how to convey the exact message they want to tell the readers. You may love the movie’s message, but how can you translate your overflowing thoughts into clear and concise words? Here is how.

While watching a movie, take down notes

The first thing you have to do is watch the film you’re assigned. Even though you’ve already seen it once or twice, watching it again will allow you to get a firm grasp on its relevance and hidden messages.

That way, you will be able to write some unsaid remarks that will captivate the reader’s curiosity. Readers are not looking for overly generalized and standard content. They’re looking for content that gives them the ideas they haven’t encountered yet.

Gather the main film facts

Here are some essential details you need to gather from a film.

  • Title and the year it was released
  • Genre
  • Director’s name
  • List of the names of actors and lead actors
  • If the movie was based on a novel or a book, mention its title

You have to include all these essential details before writing your insights about the movie. These will help readers know that the movie you’re talking about is the same movie they want to watch.

Some films have several parts and versions, so it’s essential to include the complete title and the year it was released.

Make a clear, understandable outline

The purpose of finding writing services is to receive a professionally written outline and output. But you can do this on your own. Writing an outline will organize your thoughts before writing them on a blank sheet.

Having an overview written beforehand can also save you time because you will no longer have to stare on a blank sheet, confused. An outline will serve as your guide to the next step, writing fast and smoothly.

Randomly writing down irrelevant phrases will distort your track, slow down your pacing, and cause you to lose focus.

Practice structure

You have to apply the following structure for your review:

  • Introduction – You can start your writeup by stating meaningful quotes or mentioning surprising facts about the movie. This will grab your reader’s attention and urge them to read the rest of the article. This is also where you can make clear and direct statements about your opinion.
  • Body – This is where you can write down and mention the notes you’ve gathered while watching the movie. Make the body informative and logical yet brief and concise.
  • Conclusion – This is where you can justify or rationalize the main points you’ve mentioned in the body. Discuss what readers have to consider before watching the movie, what to expect, and at least try to give some clear, direct answers about whether the reader should watch the film or not.


To proofread, here are the points you must consider:

  • Make sure the review does not have a spoiler.
  • Check your originality.
  • Ensure excellent grammar.
  • Ensure you’ve used a suitable review format.

Check other article requirements such as the primary keywords, font style, links to sources, etc.


A movie review won’t be a complicated task for someone who has understood the basics. These will serve as your foundation and guide towards writing better content over time. Hope this helps! Enjoy writing!

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