When the term ‘faith-based movies’ is mentioned, what is the first thing that crosses your mind? click here to know my answer.

Most people mention The Passion Of The Christ, which was released in 2004, although there have been other amazing movies made since such as War Room, Overcomer, and Soul Surfer.

The Passion Of The Christ Made High Revenue

Although its release was 16 years ago, it was one of the most highly grossed films. Many Churchgoers filled the theaters. It was the 3rd highest-ranking film in the year 2004, with a net worth of greater than $600 million in revenue worldwide.

More Faith-based Films Are Being Produced

Following its release, Hollywood directors recognized the importance of creating faith-based films to target families and Christian audiences. The number of faith-based films produced annually has drastically increased. Movieguide reports that from 16 faith-based movies in the year 1997, 67 faith-based movies were produced in the last year.

Studio Managers And Christian Movie Producers Seek To Promote Their Films

Christian movie producers and studios are seeking avenues to promote their films. They are working hard to replicate the modes of film promotion that The Passion of the Christ utilized.

One of the modes of promotion includes getting churches involved and encouraging congregations to give their support. This can be done in person, or via social media. Utilizing social media for business is now a very common marketing strategy.

Richard Peluso, the vice president of Affirm Films expressed that the film market is becoming increasingly more competitive, and film promotion strategies can feel like rocket science at times. He uses the phrase “lenticular marketing” to describe the marketing of faith-based movies. To certain audiences, a movie may be primarily marketed as a warm family drama. To other audiences, the same movie may be highlighted to be about the importance of prayer.

Church Marketing Has Decreased In Value

Unlike in 2004, the value of marketing faith-based movies to Christian congregations is diminishing. It still has some value, however, it has become tricky to continue doing major marketing this way.

There are many reasons for this decrease in value. One reason is that there are more faith-based movies available, so informing a congregation about one, in particular, has gotten more tricky. Secondly, church congregations want their ministers to be very authentic. This includes not marketing Hollywood movies from the pulpit.

Furthermore, the burnout of pastors is a real issue, because pastors have been approached too many times for help in marketing movies. Ma y church services are timed, so time spent marketing is time lost on the sermon.

The New Marketing Methods For Faith-based Movies

It has recently been concluded that the best way for studios to market their films is through social media. The Case For Christ’s marketing strategy included study guides given to churches, posters, sermons, and door hangers. The utilization of social media for business was evident in the memes, Facebook art, and live Q&A sessions on Facebook.

It brought in $17.6 million, expanded to theaters worldwide, and was considered a great success.

In conclusion, studios exploring new marketing strategies for the release of faith-based movies have discovered that social media for business marketing is highly effective. It will continue to increase in value for the years to come.

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