Christian Movies to Watch on Netflix Right Now

Netflix offers a large variety of genres catering to many different interests of its consumers which are like gifts they can use including the ones who greatly enjoy religious movies. We have listed down 10 of the best Christian movies that are streaming right now on Netflix.

Like Arrows

When Alice fell pregnant, she and Charlie decided to get married. Eventually, they had three beautiful children and adopted one more Asian girl, Faith. Charlie soon becomes an alcoholic and is too busy to spend time with his family. One of their children, …

Studios Explore New Marketing Methods For Faith-based Movies

When the term ‘faith-based movies’ is mentioned, what is the first thing that crosses your mind? click here to know my answer.
Most people mention The Passion Of The Christ, which was released in 2004, although there have been other amazing movies made since such as War Room, Overcomer, and Soul Surfer.
The Passion Of The Christ Made High Revenue
Although its release was 16 years ago, it was one of the most highly grossed films. Many Churchgoers filled the theaters. It was the 3rd highest-ranking film in the year 2004, with a net worth of greater than $600 million in …