Filmmaking has undergone a complete revolution in the modern world. You can film and edit videos using this guide for Nikon D5600 lenses on your phone. In such a case, you do not need any other equipment and therefore no extra costs.

However, if you are a serious filmmaker, you should probably have a mirrorless camera, microphones, a computer for editing, a tripod, and lights. These are essential equipment that you can easily afford to purchase or hire.

Large filmmaking companies have the financial capabilities of purchasing more advanced filming and photography equipment. But you can achieve impressive results with the basic equipment that you can easily afford. Here is a list of filming equipment for those with a low budget.

  1. Camera

Cameras are basic equipment that every filmmaker should have. Cameras are available in different qualities and prices. Depending on your budget and type of film you want to make, you can choose a DSLR, a camcorder, or a mirrorless camera.

How to choose a camera:

For starters and those doing short films, Panasonic G80/G85 cameras are recommended. However, for those filming events, documentaries, news, and other long films, they should use camcorders.

There is a new Osmo Pocket camera that is more affordable and very compact. You can use the camera as an alternative to the basic camcorders. Some cameras like Canon C100 have combined features of DSLRs and camcorders. They, therefore, produce high-quality films, but they are expensive to purchase.

How to choose a camera lense:

For interchangeable lens cameras, you can buy the camera body alone and then choose the lenses separately. Alternatively, you can buy a camera and a kit zoom lens. If you purchase an APS-C camera with the kit lens, it is recommended that you also buy an affordable 50mm lens.

  1. Sound equipment

The pictures taken by cameras need to be integrated with sound to make films. Microphones are the best source of sound in filmmaking.

Lavalier microphones are the most commonly used because they are affordable. They are clipped onto clothes at a convenient location near the mouth. You can use wireless lavaliers if you can afford them.

If your camera has no headphone socket or has limited audio recording capabilities, use a separate audio recorder.

  1. Camera support and tripods

Use a tripod or steady support to ensure that your camera is stable. You can use a fluid head tripod if you want to tilt and pan the camera smoothly. Additionally, you can include jib, sliders, and electronic gimbal stabilizers for better filming experience.

  1. Lights

Lighting should be controlled when filming. You can use reflectors to complement the natural light. You can use basic work lamps, LED panels, or CFL softbox lights depending on the shooting location and your budget.

Final Word

Filmmaking in the modern world is easy because there are smartphones that can record and edit videos. However, for high-quality commercial films, you need to purchase better filming equipment. You can use the above basic filming equipment if your budget is low.

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