Social media affects a user either positively or negatively. According to hypetik, Once a person spends most of his precious hours arguing and debating with strangers in the comment section of Facebook, it’s no doubt it is influencing in a negative way. But the moment a person chooses to use social media to make his/her business thrive, by means of let’s say online selling, express his/her thoughts to inspire others, communicate with a family member that is maybe working abroad; then social media is being used beneficially.

If you haven’t watched Joseph Landreths, a.k.a. Joseph, the dreamer, a UK-based artist and video creator YouTube and Tiktok, what are you waiting for?

As you can see in the image below, it is not the same typical Christian video that you see everywhere and every day on the internet. It is a tour de force.

Dancing Jesus

With his creativity, humor, talent, and looks, he is taking the Christian videos to a whole new different level. We can say he has made awesome Christian movie making it even to The Passion of Christ. No wonder he became viral on the internet!

This Tiktok video (shown above) entitled The Dancing Jesus was uploaded on March 30 on YouTube. The video is portraying the daily struggle of a Bible study. It is a riff of a video that was viewed in almost 4 million times on YouTube by Casey Frey, which apparently became a meme last year.

Joseph the dreamer’s other YouTube videos  

Being a video creator genius, he made a bunch of eminent YouTube contents, below are a few.


In this video, Joseph is relating to a day-to-day conversation of Christian life. His purpose is to spread joy to people stuck at home because of the pandemic.

HOW TO FIND A WIFE | Our miraculous love story

Joseph portrayed their love story with his wife- Megan Landreths, their testimony on how they put God first in every situation they encountered.

I saw a demon, and it was ruining my life | SPIRITUAL OPPRESSION TESTIMONY

Again, in this short video, Joseph shared his testimony of being distressed and set free from the enemy in his life as a Christian. He also claimed that he is not an expert when it comes to demons and angels.


Being one of Joseph’s best videos, it is filled with poetry, everyday declarations, poems that inspire, and biblical prayers. An undeniably superb kind of Christian motivation.


The video is the Landreths family’s collection of puns related to the Bible.

2020 Prophecy — The End of the World?

In this video, Joseph shared his thoughts and response regarding this year. He even challenged the viewers to reflect on the things they will do in case the end of the world really happens this year or the next. He, at the same time, preached Bible passages to keep the crowd from losing positivity and hope amidst the pandemic.

Joseph the dreamer, indeed has the adeptness of entertaining people. Puns, inspirational testimonies parodies, name it. You will surely enjoy watching his videos, whether you are a Christian or an atheist.

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