Coming Home

This is the movie mentioned by altadefinizione , John is a hard-working man who is very passionate about his career, which negatively impacts his time with family. When his father passed away, he had no choice but to confront his past, know his priorities, and get through the struggles of his life spiritually.

A Christian Carol

As you may have guessed, the movie is rooted in Charles Dickens’s creation, A Christmas Carol, but with emphasis on Christianity and faith. In the story, Carol, who is the protagonist, journeys to discover the holiday’s true meaning.

The Life and Faith of C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis is the famous author of the book The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. He was a religious and an interesting man. To persuade you more about the movie, the narrator of his story is Ben Kingsley, who is an Academy Award winner.

Belle and the Beast

Belle and Beast is a romantic movie about a woman who works for a millionaire and falls in love with him. The man cares only for business, but the woman’s love for life and faith makes them closer together. It is a very cute movie to watch.

I’m In Love With a Church Girl

The movie stars Ja Rule, which is a great surprise, and the story has a very good twist. So, without further ado, a church girl falls in love with a man who is a former gangster. Both then try to tread the path of Christianity together.


It is a difficulty many couples face: one is strongly religious, but the partner is the opposite. Emily records the story of a couple who faced the same challenge, and it depicts how they got through it together.


James is a father who is desperate for cash to take her daughter back, so he agrees to deliver something in another country. However, things became different for James when he found out that his employers are human traders. He was asked to bring two women, who are victims of trafficking. The movie teaches you all about faith in times of crisis.

17 Miracles

If you are fond of history, then this movie is for you. The film is about Christians during the 1800s. Journeying across the country was very challenging, but with 17 miracles, the men made it through.

Preacher’s Kid

Angies is a preacher’s daughter who feels too restrained. So, she decides to join and travel with a gospel choir in her journey for independence. Of course, her decision taught her so much about life.

Seeking Salvation: A History of the Black Church in Canada

The movie is a documentary about the heritage and foundation of the “Black Church”. It is a film with a lot of history taking place in Canada. Also, it is soundtracked with inspiring gospel music.


Though the movie may not be overtly Christian, it talks about the values of Christianity as well as having faith. The story talks about a man who only has a few months to live because of polio. When everyone expects him to be negative about it, he does the opposite.

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