Netflix and showbox download has become more and more popular over the past years. Sitting on your comfortable sofa with snacks and a good movie will be the best way to relax after a stressful day – or maybe if you just want to chill. Watching TV online with a positive message to inspire will surely be good for you and your family though it’s quite hard to find one. However, with Netflix, you can now easily find Christian movies that will surely lift your spirits. Here are some Christian movies available on Netflix.

An Interview with God

Synopsis: A journalist named Paul Asher returns to his home after covering a war that happened in Afghanistan. He then realized that his life is starting to apart. His marriage is failing and is on the verge of a personal crisis that he does not know and understand. Another problem he faced is about trying to help solve a soldier, that he became friends within Afghanistan, who is struggling in his home. As his life takes twist and turns, he is then offered a said interview with someone who claimed to be God.

Like Arrows

Synopsis: Charlie and Alice, a married couple with kids, when faced by conflicts, rebellion, and resentments which overwhelms both of them forces to change their parenting strategy. They were then surprised to find an effective and life-long solution.

Same Kind of Different as Me

Synopsis: This movie is based on a true story. It is about a wealthy couple in a failing marriage. Ron Hall forgets what matters most in his life and so, it took an affair, confessions, a dream, and a friendship to help him track it back. His life seems to be perfect. He has a business, Debbie (his wife), children, and house. The couple decided to volunteer and while doing. They met and became friends with a homeless man who shows them what real love is.

God Bless the Broken Road

Synopsis: This tells about the story of a young mother struggling to raise her daughter after her husband passed away in Afghanistan. These became a reason for losing her faith. This film is about faith, country music and is a tribute to those serving in the US Military.

God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness

Synopsis: After a church has been destroyed because of a fire, a congregation has become silent and relationships have been broken. This film is about a college student who continues holding for his evangelical beliefs even after one professor tried to discrediting his beliefs.

A Question of Faith

Synopsis: This is about three families whose world will collide after a tragedy that will affect each one of them. One man will lose his faith, another will find its faith and a woman who never wavers. It does not only tackle faith but also social issues such as texting while driving, organ donation, and racism.


Watching TV online really gives us a broader choice of movie and because of this, inspiring movies is actually just one click away from our smart televisions or computer. It also provides us not just romance, comedy, or horror films but also those that talk about Christianity and faith.

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