Whether you’re on the midst of creating a plan for building a family, a plan for starting a new life, for studying college, a plan for sell house fast, or a plan for applying for a job, know that you are doing well and God sees you and knows your struggles.

In life, plans don’t work perfectly all the time, but that’s fine because sometimes, the best things in life are those that happen unexpectedly.


Problems are normal in a person’s life. A perfect life without problems—how boring could that be? Sometimes though, problems get unruly and people tend to drown in it, when in fact, God has given circumstances to those he knows can float and survive over it.

God gives a fair amount of circumstance to people to let them realize how much they need to include him in their lives. Sometimes, if people get too much of a blessing, they tend to forget to communicate with God and appreciate life. They get too caught up with life that they forget where they’re from, who gave them the blessings they have, and how to share it to others.

It is in the nature of humans to ask for help whenever they needed, but when the time comes that they’re already in the situation they wanted, they think of themselves as their own heroes. Struggles are actually beautiful.

A fair amount of problems from time to time shouldn’t be taken out as a negative thing, instead, it should be turned into a good one and it should give people the time to appreciate every little thing he has.

Trusting God

Even if you’ve planned your whole life out, if God doesn’t want it for you, you can’t do anything about it. Praying for the things you want should be easy if you trust God enough—and by trusting, you should be loyal and patient. Know that God’s plan for you is always the best one you could ever have.

Whenever you’re in a situation which you didn’t plan of, trust God. Let him lead the way. Let him show you what’s better than your plan. In return, worry not and help yourself. Rest in the thought that in life, God is always with you and he will never give you trials that you cannot surpass.


You should remain persistent and learn to pray without ceasing. This is the key to have peace of mind and in letting God take hold of your life. Surrendering to God, though, must not mean that you will solely place everything on him. You need to work on the things you plan to do and wait until God gives you the perfect timing.

Always be patient and let him lead you to your best destination while you’re beginning to sort your life out. The next time you create a plan, try to pray beforehand. Ask God to show you your real purpose in life and that he may guide you in creating the right choices.

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