The quality of the video as well as the audio are the main determinants of the quality of your production. As mentioned on RDA website the quality will consequently have an influence on whether the audience will love your product or not.  While it might be relatively easy to take quality videos, capturing quality audio is sometimes tricky. When shooting low budget films, you might be worried about the quality of your film and sound. Nevertheless, you do not have to worry about the quality of your sound since it is possible to capture high-quality sound. This article will show you how to do it.

Knowing the Basics of Sound Design and Audio

Great videos can easily be captured using DSLRS; however, when it comes to capturing audio, the approach is significantly different. An effective approach can be skewed toward utilization of Tascam DR-40 or Zoom H6 and a Rode NTG2. Consequently, you can utilize the scratch recorder audio device in a camera to assist synching it up in programs such as PluralEyes 3.5.

Film Riot Audio Series

One of the greatest video history is the film riot by Ryan Connolly who made the video. The three basic type of microphones as well as post-production work was done only by Foley and ADR. Connolly ascertains that there is no much work to be done using the hand-held dynamic mic; however, Lavalier and shotgun mic are of significant use in making the film. He states that he uses both documentaries and fictional shooting because they are the best in capturing dialogue audio.

Lavs have another great advantage; they are relatively small, and you can easily hide them during the shot. He preferred his documentary subjects and actors to hide them under their shirts or under the collar. By simply using a gaffer tape you can easily secure the lav under the clothes. The tape allows the clothes to play the role of the windscreen.

Tips on How to Create Quality Sound

We can use Film Riot to show how to create Foley in your project.  Connolly gives several tips of using editing system to create the sound you desire in your production if you don’t have software such as Logic X and Pro Tools.

The process of ADR is extremely, important and it is likely to be one of the happenings during the film shooting process. It is common for you to capture quality sound, but when it come to the point of posting, you will later on realize that something must have gone wrong. If you do not have a way to clean your work, you should consider using ADR. Alternatively, you can use the automated dialogue replacement. Before this process, ensure that you have condenser mic, headphones, and pop filter ready before you commence.


From the above discussion, it is now clear that you don’t have to plan go way beyond your budget in order to capture high-quality audio. By simply following these simple tips, you will be able produce a film with a note-worthy sound effects.

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