Dragon Ball Z is a popular anime that was first introduced to the public as part of Weekly Shonen Jump in 1988. Since the anime was well-received by the public, producers have decided to make a series out of the story and have since then increased their fanbase throughout the world. Below you will find more information on it.

Without further ado, here are 15 Dragon Ball Z movies released to the public ranked from worst to best:

Broly: Second Coming

Given that DBZ is now considered as one of the oldest anime left standing, it’s inevitable not to introduce new characters along the way. Broly, for example, is a character that wasn’t part of the first half of the DBZ story but was eventually introduced to the public.

Broly is seen not wearing any form of emotion nor does he have any personality in him. All he does is fight and destroy — and this alone can attest to how the story goes for this movie. His comeback is more on fighting, no surprising plot twists or whatnot. However, this movie also gave Gohan, Goku’s first son, a major spotlight.

Lord Slug

This movie entirely focuses on Lord Slug, a Namekian antagonist who aims to destroy Earth. Not much interesting plot has been depicted in this movie, except for a deeper insight about Namek and Super Namekians.

Super Android 13

Whenever you hear the word ‘Android’, you know that it’s more or less associated with DBZ. This movie was all about action and almost endless fights all over the place until the Artic — where the fight was concluded.

Tree of Might

The Tree of Might movie is an interesting one since it showed Goku’s dark version, a different view of Goku right before he debuted in Dragon Ball Super as Goku Black. There are also several fight scenes in this movie that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Cooler’s Revenge

Amusingly, this is more like an older brother trying to avenge his little brother for being bullied or beaten up. Cooler, Frieza’s older and stronger brother, decides to descend from his location and fight Goku.

Resurrection ‘F’

Another Frieza-connected film comes in the way, but this time, fans were pretty much hyped because the villain is none other than Frieza himself. Frieza is one of Goku’s epic enemies and certainly one of most anticipated by the viewers. His comeback had really made fans celebrate since there’ll be another fight between Frieza and Goku.

Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan

Apart from Frieza, another iconic villain on the list is Broly. This strong, void of personality villain was first seen together with Goku as babies. Goku, being a normal crying baby had Broly boil in anger — and that’s where his hatred for Goku all began.

Wrath of the Dragon

Wrath of the Dragon is the last DBZ movie released before Battle of Gods. The movie focused primarily on Gohan, Goten, and Trunks — a fresh reset from the usual Goku presence. Hirudegarn, the antagonist of the film, had the trio all fired up in an all-out battle. This was truly a masterpiece until Goku surprisingly showed up and put an end to Hirudegarn.

Bojack Unbound

This movie focused mainly on Gohan, a plot that made Gohan fans happy and excited. As you can see, Gohan’s fanbase skyrocketed after his fight against Cell. The story began with the majority of the Z fighters climbing their way up in the World Martial Arts Tournament conducted by Mr. Satan.

Bardock: The Father of Goku

This movie gave the audience a glimpse of Saiyan history. Although a young Vegeta and Goku appeared, this film entirely focuses on Bardock, a cold-blooded fighter who had a shift of heart after seeing a glimpse of the future.

Dead Zone

Dead Zone is proclaimed to be one of the Dragon Ball Z films released of all times due to its similarity to the original series. Moreover, this is the only film that highlighted Kami’s appearance and fighting scene. Goku and Piccolo joined forces for the first time in preparation for the final battle.

Fusion Reborn

Dragon Ball Z entirely focused on the characters getting stronger each time and upgrading their Saiyan transformation, but never did it occur to anyone that fusion was also conceptualized in the anime. Knowing that fusion is a rare occurrence, fans get all excited whenever they see two characters fuse together and transform as a strong character.

Battle of Gods

17 years after Wrath of the Dragon was released, another official Dragon Ball Z movie was released. DBZ movie’s absence really had fans all hyped up when they were informed that another movie will be released. Given that no movie was released since Wrath of the Dragon, the Battle of Gods showed superb animation.

Aside from the animation, the plot also took an interesting turn as it’s the first movie that showed Goku losing in a fight and Vegeta gaining strength through his love for Bulma.

The World’s Strongest

Perhaps this movie is considered as the second most loved and anticipated films of all DBZ films primarily due to its plot and animation closest to the original film. This movie is more likely the root in the future plot of the series.

The History of Trunks

Uniquely, this movie took a different turn from the usual DBZ saga where the good guys win the battle against the bad ones. As hard as it is to imagine, this movie showed how good guys were defeated and how they met their demise. In this world, Dragon Balls didn’t exist which really filled Gohan’s battle with worry.


Dragon Ball Z is undeniably loved by many viewers throughout the globe as it continues to release episodes and movies for fans to watch and enjoy. Just like the series, people also look forward to DBZ movies and watchers have managed to rank the movies from worst to best based on different aspects.

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