Welcome to Breakthru Films! We are a UK-based Christian website that promotes and showcases Christian movies. We aim to encourage and inspire anyone who wishes to get in touch with their Christian roots and those who want to know more about Christianity. With titles like Going Home, The North Star, and Judy’s Challenge, these movies are produced with excellent scripts, talented acting, and unforgettable lessons similar to Hollywood-produced movies.

Through movies, we wish to touch the hearts and lives of our viewers. Stories of redemption, faith, miracles, and parables come alive with movies to inspire, teach, remind, and reconnect viewers. You can find a lot of film genres throughout the website including comedy, romance, action, drama, and many more!

Here in Breakthru Films, we dedicate our time in providing hope to our viewers and readers. With a lot of negative issues and heart-breaking realities in society nowadays, we hope that these movies will give an inkling of a chance to let viewers rekindle their faith. We believe that through God’s guidance, these films that we produced will help spread his good word through the help of modern technology and art.

For all film producers and Christian filmmakers, we ask for your patience as we are doing our best to review all of your submitted films. Our team in Breakthru Films are in awe of your talent and dedication to show God’s love through your films. With this, we do our best to review your work fairly, which may take time due to the volume of submissions we get in a day.

If you wish to join our team and help us review a Christian film, feel free to contact us anytime.

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