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“Well, the truth is, we cannot speak other than by our paintings”
Wrote Vincent Van Gogh from his deathbed in his last letter.

Loving Vincent is a film that is true to this deathbed testament, and explores the intense mind of this towering genius through his own paintings.

Brought to you by Oscar winning studio BreakThru Films, and Painter-Director Dorota Kobiela

Loving Vincent is a vivid and intense celebration of the work of Vincent Van Gogh, vibrantly bringing to life some of his best known works of art.

Loving Vincent brings some of the worlds best known paintings, famed for their vibrant shimmering life, into actual movement as an animation film shot at 8k resolution, using oil paint on canvas animation technique (like Polish master Witold Giersz and similar to oil paint on glass animation made famous by the Oscar winning Russian animator Petrov).

Loving Vincent will sensuously through visual narrative inspired by iconic art draw the audience experientially into the mindset of Vincent, who teetered between ecstasy and despondancy in his quest to communicate the essence of man and nature to the world.

It will be accompanied by Vincent on the Walls of the World, a series of large scale painting on wall animations made in different cities around the world in workshops by children, each based on a Vincent painting, making the project.

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