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Alex has been shot, kidnapped, run over, abducted by aliens and marooned in the Amazon rainforest. He’s endured two weeks as a homeless person on the streets of new York (a team-building exercise), been called to the priesthood by God (he declined) and he’s had vivid nightmares about being a pupil at Hogwarts, of going down with the Titanic and of being employed, ignominiously, as a milkman. For the most part none of these experiences have dented his blinkered complacency or wholly mercenary attitude to life.
Several ‘real’ people have made appearances in the strip: Tony Blair, Prince Charles, Prince William, Nicola Horlic, Martha Lane-Fox, Robbie Williams, and Bill Clinton.
In 2002, creators Charles and Russell were awarded MBEs for services to the newspaper industry.
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BreakThru has worked with Charles and Russell to bring Alex off the page and on to your screens.

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