Video games are created to entertain individuals at home. As the boredom heightens one’s curiosity for further simulation, and their developers have become more creative as soon as cutting-edge technologies are readily available in the market. However, no one can ever expect to attain spiritual experience from such a laid-back activity.

Spiritual Experience

Spiritual experience refers to the recognition or appreciation of a moment that turns out to be humbling due to the belief that there is something beyond a human’s control and expectations happening. The term ‘spirit’ often refers to the inner portion of our body that is not covered by physical interaction.

With that train of thought, you might be wondering how can playing video games be comparable to a religious prayer. Although they are not on the same level, video games can provide such a unique spiritual experience that is different from any religion can offer.


The spiritual experience gained from playing video games is somehow similar to the concept of playing Beyblades. In the cartoon series, characters play a spinning top game with such passion and hysteria that even such non-living objects like Beyblades had ethereal forms.

These forms manifest the personality of the user and even become an entity capable of forging relationships with humans. Themes like ‘believing in you’, ‘trusting friendships’ and ‘never give up’ are reflected throughout the characters’ journey and convey those sentiments to the viewers.

Video games also had that same kind of feel due to how the storyline is delivered and how they connect with the player’s personalities and expectations. The most common type of video game to be associated with such experience is role-playing games or RPGs. Players are immersed in their character’s journeys and perform activities only can be done in a fantasy adventure game.

Comparison To Religion

Like any spiritual experience, there is some form of enlightenment or self-realization. Playing video games can allow you to learn something about life and can have the option to apply it in reality. In religion, one has to follow the footsteps of the center entity we call ‘god’ or ‘gods’ for polytheistic practitioners.

One has to immerse the teachings and the path that is instructed to the followers. In that very sense, it is similar to RPGs, with the latter having less discipline and much ambiguous sense of morality. Players will soon find some connection with the character they are playing and experience a certain epiphany along its journey.


The unique spiritual experience might occur anytime. It can be at a time when you help your teammates win against an insurmountable challenge, or played patiently to find a very rare item for how many hours of gaming or even just by losing everything after careless reigning with virtual dominance. It all depends on the player’s perspective and circumstance.

Though evoking the spiritual experience may be viewed as misinterpretation due to the fun and enjoyment being the prevailing emotions, it can be all be very subjective. However, as long as it contributes to the improvement of one’s self for the better, who are we to question that.

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