The Internet and everything inside it have been a major part in children’s lives for many years. Experts from stated that even as young as a one-year-old has been exposed to the numerous things that the online entity has to offer.

Because of it, as they grow older, they become more eager to browse for things that spark their interest without taking into considerations the dangers that may occur.

So parents, if you want to acquaint your kids with these risks and things to do to avoid it, here are four websites with films that practice online safety and share online advice.

BBC’s Own It

As the name suggests, BBC launched a website Own It with the tagline: A Place to Help You Boss your Life Online. This platform offers tremendous number of videos and article that will surely make your child aware on why things happen on the Internet and what to do to avoid any dangerous scenarios.

One of the sites categories is Be Body Kind where the videos are focused on being kind to your body and others such as body positivity, editing selfies, being body-shamed online, and others to name a few. There are also sections about online gaming and being bullied and trolled. BBC’s Own It has everything for all of the needed online advice for kids and teens.

The Adventures of Kara, Winston and the SMART Crew

A cartoon from Childnet, this YouTube series revolves around Kara and Winston as pirates in a quest and make safe online decisions. This is done with the help of a real SMART crew of youngsters.

Their journey is told into four video chapters with online advice included. A few of it is about knowing what is reliable information online and what data should be kept safe and not shared online. A 3D cartoon with real people in it too, Kara and Winston may be what your kids need to learn online safety and online advice while having fun.

Family Education

This website is not solely focused on Internet safety but it has tons of articles and videos that would help not only your kid but also you in terms of being safe online. It talks about the things you need to consider before giving your kids smartphones or even before letting them join online. There are even tips on how to childproof your phone whenever they borrow yours.

As for kids, it has activities for them to learn more about the Internet. This is highly recommended for tweens to teens.

The Childnet Film Competition

In partnership with the UK Safer Internet Centre, it is a contest wherein it invites a lot of young people to create movies and films that it aligned to online safety or accepting online differences also called as “connect with respect.”

So, might as well look into their website and be flooded with award-winning creations that are amazing and educational.

There you have it! If you are worried for your kids’ safety online, don’t hesitate to visit the websites mentioned above. They are fun and educational as well as fit for children of all ages.

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