Oftentimes, a bad sound system takes some parts of an incredible movie away, making it less enjoyable to watch. This is why a flip out head unit & stereo reviews is very important not just in playing music but also in watching movies.

If you’re into watching movies, you should think about investing in a good home theater, not just a good car sound system. If you do have it already, then all you need is this list of good movies to watch:

Step Up Series

The franchise started with Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan. The first movie led to the actors’ actual relationship, and later on, a marriage. However, that is not the reason why Step Up Series is a good one to watch with an amazing sound system. It’s because the movies are filled with amazing soundtracks and busting moves that will surely make you feel like dancing along with characters.


And if we’re talking about movies with awesome moves, Footloose probably gets that top spot. Footloose may not be the newest dance movie, but it surely is one of the best. Kevin Bacon, along with others, popularized dance moves that are still trendy until now. Not only that, the soundtrack itself is a classic that it’s hard to stay seated once it plays on that amazing sound system.

The Sound of Music

While we’re on the subject of classic movies, who can ever forget the Von Trapp family and their incredible singing voices? The Sound of Music is literally one of the sounds that define music. Julie Andrews gave an incredible performance all throughout the movie that “do re mi” has never sounded more beautiful.

The Godfather Trilogy

Musicals are not the only classic movies that made it to the list. Classic but far from musical, the Godfather trilogy is a must-watch with an incredible sound system. The Godfather is the kind of movie where you’d want to understand every whisper as well as you do with the rich sounds of the action scenes.


So, we’ve already established that action movies can also be good to watch in an incredible home theater. Why not take full advantage of it by watching the Avengers? Especially now that the series has already ended, you can binge-watch all four movies in one night, appreciating every bit of action scene in all the movies.

Jurassic Park

Can you just imagine watching Jurassic Park with surround sound? That’s right. Jump with every roar and stay on the edge of your seat when you watch Jurassic Park with a good sound system. This is one of the movies that you would need to be surrounded by good speakers to fully understand and appreciate the thrill.


Inception may not be as action-packed as Jurassic Park, but it sure has its own way of keeping its viewers awake all throughout the movie. The movie is such a mind-blowing one, and Leo, Joseph, and Ellen did so well in it that even a coin drop can make you jumpy.

Fast and the Furious Series

Want to hear the car engines more? Binge-watch the The Fast and The Furious series now on your home theater.  However, it’s not just the sound of the car engines that’s worthy of a good sound system, the soundtracks in all the movies are all deserving of it too.


Get that pizza ordered and prepare for hours of binge-watching with these amazing movies and your incredible sound system!

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