Tired of cliché plots and intoxicating movie genres? Have you ever found yourself playing truth or dare in need of a life-changing movie marathon?

There’s nothing more fit to watch than Christian movies!

Christian movies aren’t actually as basic and as boring as it may sound. Did you know that this movie genre tends to accumulate the most amount of project funding? You heard it right, folks. Before being set to shoot, Christian movies need to undergo consultation of Christ-centered churches, thorough research of biblical concepts, and the approval of religious mass media organizations.

It may sound too serious but it also means that these are meticulously made for the utmost satisfaction of the viewers.

Here are the top 3 must-watch Christian movies to guide you on your next movie marathon:

Soul Surfer

This movie revolves around the life story of a teenager (played by Anna Sophia Robb) and how she embraced god’s plan in her life. God granted her a second life when she was attacked by sharks which was also the reason why she lost an arm. She became an inspiration to many and she made her loss a reason to start anew and be a blessing to others. This movie is perfect to watch as a family since the content itself is suitable to audiences of all age and the story will surely shape up life values and Christian points of view.

Miracles from Heaven

Starring Jennifer Garner, this 2016 true-to-life family movie should definitely be included in your list. The story is about the love of a mother and how far that love can make her do. The daughter of Jennifer Garner in this movie has a rare incurable disease. She met an accident which leads her to a comatose. By the time she wakes up, she told everyone what she saw and what God told her while she was in that very deep sleep. She has been the instrument to strengthen her family—most especially her mother—and her community’s faith in God’s plan.

God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness

This story is all about fixing relationships, healing hearts, and fighting for faith. This is one of the best Christian movies of all time since it shows how a little light of faith in Christ can brighten up the way out of a dark cave of restlessness.

Christian movies always give 3 things to their viewers: faith, hope, and the chills. Reflecting on these types of movies will somewhat be like being on a truth or dare game. You’ll seek for your own mistakes and try to set things straight.

Just like the truth or dare game, you will be able to assess your ability to obey the commandments and your ability to make up for your mistakes as well.

Remember that living the Christian life isn’t just about being on a truth or dare game. Living the Christian life is daring to live within the Christian concept of life and truth.

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