Are you looking for some movie bonding time with the family and friends instead of looking at top best site online? Are you tired of the worldly concepts and morals fed to you by secular films? Do you want to watch a good, uplifting Christian movie to boost your faith and hope in God? If your answer to any of the above is yes, know this: I have been there in your shoes. Which is why I made this review for you.

Here is a list of 10 Christian Movies that are entertaining, uplifting and clean! I made this list based on personal preference and by finding online product reviews. Enjoy it now and thank me later!

9 Christian Movies You Must See


Courageous is warm and touching and guaranteed to make you shed a few tears.

It deals profoundly with family values as you journey with officers of the law who face different challenges, including the greatest of them all: how to be the best fathers they can be.


Are you looking to bond with your significant other?

Fireproof is about marriage. The main character, Caleb, is a brave fire captain who seems to have it all together – however, is marriage is miserable and failing. His tense relationship with his wife is due to his addiction to pornography and just being out of sync with her.

You’ll learn a lot about relationships from Caleb as he takes a challenge for 40 days in learning how to love his wife again. True love and redemption – a must-watch for all couples.

War Room

How has your personal time with God been? Is it in need of rejuvenation?

War Room is an inspiring movie about the importance of meeting God in the place of prayer, and overcoming challenges and attacks from the enemy as you go to God.

It is one of the best Christian movies there is!

Facing The Giants

This movie brings a different tempo to the other movies on this list. It is full of action and drama, and the ending will both surprise you and make you shed a few tears.

It is based on a coach for football who encouraged an underdog team to victory despite the personal struggles and difficulties he and each of his players had. It is pretty intense, and worth every minute!

The Case For Christ

The Case For Christ will inspire you to defend your faith in a world full of ever-increasing, sometimes the violently-unbelieving world. It will help increase your faith and make it strong.

Christianity is not just make-believe – it is full of undeniable, historical facts and we must know these facts to defend what we believe.


Risen focuses on the aftermath of Jesus’s resurrection. It will give you an opening into the work of the apostles, the conversion of the Gentiles and awaken the hope you have in Christ: He is real, and He is alive!

The Passion Of Christ

We’ve heard a lot about the sacrifice of Christ, but sometimes it gets repetitive and we don’t really grasp the big deal that it is.

This is a movie that every Christian must watch: it will take you on one of the most realistic representations of Christ’s journey to the cross and all he suffered, and what it meant. It is not something to be taken for granted.


It focuses on honesty and integrity, as you watch Jay change from a manipulative salesman to one who does his business God’s way. It is a great inspiration on how to serve God in a world full of commercialism.

God Of Wonders

After God of Wonders, you are going to see God’s power and authority in a new light! This documentary will show you how every work of His Hands points us to His glorious self. His ability to create will blow your mind into appreciation and worship!

It is not really a movie, but you have to see it!

Gather your family and friends, get snacks, and start watching! You won’t be disappointed by any of these choices.

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