Best Trail Cameras for Filming

To excel in hunting, you must have the patience, accuracy, endurance, and knowledge when it comes to the animal’s routine. Fortunately, the lack of patience no longer has to be a downside with a best rated trail camera. In fact, trail cameras have taken the filming game to a whole another level.

Modern trail cameras are packed with the latest features that most people who are into wildlife filming are looking for. Apart from that, they also come in handy for people who love to observe nature, add a layer of security to their homes, or just to monitor wildlife.

With the advancement in technology, modern trail cameras now have a slew of amazing and hi-tech feature. Moreover, they have extended battery life and heat-sensing technology.

If you’re into wildlife filming, you might want to consider some of the best trail cameras on the market. They’re as follows:

Browning Strike Force Trail Camera

With its PIR motion sensor, 55-feet detection range, a 0.4-second motion trigger speed and 0.8-second recovery time, the Browning Strike Force is among the smallest yet highly functional trail cameras in the market.

It comes with a 36-LED infrared flash and a 100- feet range. Moreover, its Zero Blur Feature eliminates motion blurs which are common during the night. Other amazing features of the Browning Strike Force include the 1280x720HD video clips and a built-in viewing screen. The video clips have sounds in lengths ranging from five seconds to two minutes.

The memory capacity is up to 512 GB SDXC cards. The Browning Strike camera can capture eight images either in rapid-fire mode or multi-shot mode. There is an info bar which displays the date, moon phase, and temperature for every image captured.

Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo Trail Game Camera

The Stealth G42 features a 12MP image resolution, a 0.5-second trigger speed, and a 1-feet infrared range. It can take up to nine images while in burst mode and its memory card slot can take up to 32GB.

It utilizes 42 infrared emitters for better capturing of quality images in black and white during the night. Thus, it stands out from cameras which depend on LED flashes and red light illumination.

Unlike the Browning Strike Force, its uniqueness lies in the backlit menu programming. The feature is ideal for anyone who dislikes fiddling with the camera. It also has a security password protection feature which notifies you in case of theft.

Tougard Trail Camera

If you are looking for a budget-friendly yet highly functional trail camera, then Tougard is the best alternative for you. It films way above its price range and can capture HD videos and high-resolution images.

Tougard’s trigger lag is small and measures at 0.5 seconds after tripping the motion sensor. However, the trigger allows adjustment for either high, medium, or low sensitivity.

The 120-degree vision field ensures you don’t miss any action. All action is captured in films or high quality black and white images with a 22-meter shot distance. Like other trail cameras, it is wrapped in a waterproof housing to withstand adverse weather conditions.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a reliable trail camera for filming wildlife, then the ones above are your best bets. There are also other options on the market, but the ones we picked are based on a balance of performance and budget.

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