Are you fond into watching movies on movies123, particularly the ones that can rouse your faith and interest in Scriptures? If that’s the case, then you might be glad to know that there are some films on Netflix that deliver the key themes of Christian faith while educating the general audience on the important concepts of morality for the modern world.

These movies are as follows:

Prince of Egypt

This Dreamworks film is gorgeous. Even today, its visually-stunning backdrops and animation are still amazing. However, its presentation fits the theme of the story it presents. Moses, as the eponymous Prince of Egypt, goes through a humanizing journey of being a spoiled prince and potential heir of an ancient superpower to the prophet and leader of the enslaved Hebrew race.

While the core of the story is certainly Biblical, its primary moral theme is self-discovery and recognition. Through songs such as “All I Ever Wanted” and “Through Heaven’s Eyes”, we explore the human person within the world.

Moses’s growth exposits to the audience that one’s worth is not measured by wealth or power but has an intrinsic purpose in the grand scheme of things. With its nuanced characters and powerful story, this movie is a top choice for every family to watch.

Joseph: King of Dreams

Dreamworks sure had its work cut out for them. This movie serves as a prequel to the story of Prince of Egypt but follows the character of Joseph, son of Jacob, as he navigates through his trials and tribulations brought upon by his jealous brothers and the kingdom of Egypt. The story goes deep into a question of suffering and about divine providence in the midst of strife.

Joseph was the favorite of 12 brothers, and their jealousy drove them to sell him to Egypt. This was part of God’s plan to make him its governor and help the nation through a seven-year-long famine. The messages from songs such as “You Know Better Than I” reflect on the dependence on God’s grace in all times.

Gospel of John

If you are looking for a faithful adaptation of the New Testament, this narrated film of the entire Fourth Gospel will surely help your children learn to appreciate the writing of the Scripture. Jesus’s ministry in the Gospel of John brings you to a different narrative where Jesus’ duality as God and man is at the forefront of his ministry. There is certainly an educational value to acquire from this film and an appreciation of the nuances of Scripture.

AD Miniseries

This more liberal take on the post-Resurrection narrative reveals more about how the Apostles confronted a world without their master. However, Jesus’ presence is felt through the actions of the disciples as they bring Christianity to the world.

Son of God

This movie works not only as an adaptation of the Bible miniseries. It also provides a cohesive summation of the entire ministry of Jesus from the four Gospel accounts. Jesus’ miracles and teachings are presented here to remind the world of God’s sanctifying grace and the salvation offered through the Cross.


The Christian movies on this list will surely be a great watch for you and your entire family. That said, if you’re into watching movies online, then you should start watching one or all of them.

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