Are you a movie geek yourself? Or are you just fond of watching random films without much regard on its technicalities? Well, films and custom t shirts Canada are made for a reason: ENTERTAINMENT. They’re most often considered the go-to activity every time somebody gets bored. And there is definitely nothing not normal about it.

What makes watching films more satisfying is that it helps you time travel, somehow. As you may notice, films from different years in the past can be re-watched. Even films that are made in the present somehow depict the culture in the past and future. Aside from the mesmerizing architectures of the buildings and vulnerable culture, you can also get a hold of some incredibly impressive fashionable tastes such as custom T-shirts from before.

If you are into custom T-shirts, then it would be awesome for you to take some inspirational ideas from these films!

The Wizard of Oz (1939)

This film used to be a novel first. You might feel confused since as it was written in the novel, Dorothy was wearing a pair of silver shoes. However, as you can see in the movie, Dorothy was already wearing a pair of ruby slippers!

Yes, there may some kind of a difference, but it would be better regarded as a development. This just means that you should not be afraid of some changes as long as they would result in a favorable effect. Just like when you are having a custom T-shirt, you can have it in any style you want. The important thing is that you can be comfortable with it.

Gone with the Wind (1939)

Gone with the Wind is one of the most wonderful films ever created. If you haven’t watched it yet, then you can try looking for copies of it and indulge yourself in the magnificence of this film!

You will notice in this film the iconic gown that was worn by one of its characters. It was crafted by a costume designer, Walter Plunkett. You will notice from there that creating something new and pleasing to the eyes can be a satisfactory job.

Lolita (1962)

Who would ever forget this film? Oh, and if you haven’t watched Lolita yet, then it is time for you to do so. This would definitely be worth your time.

It was during the high-time of this film that the heart-shaped sunglasses were ever made famous. How? It’s because they somehow reflected the innocence of Lolita in the film. You see, the uniqueness of a fashion statement can lead to a world domination of another fashionable taste.

Final Thoughts

These are only some of the films which have iconic fashion styles that would keep your creative juices to function. When you are trying to think of a new concept in terms of designs and fashionable projects, you can definitely refer to these films among others.

The next time that you watch a film, be sure to notice the fashion statement of each and every character!

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