Not Today Carrie is finally showing across cinemas in the US. Released in the UK last June 10th, US screenings are set on June 14th.

Not Today Carrie is a film about the bullied high-school life of Carrie Archer. Carrie is bullied by several other teens because her father is a convicted heroin dealer. Carrie deals with this abuse almost every day. She gets cyberbullied as her friends mock her online social media profiles, gets humiliated in school, and had rumors spread about her. Carrie has her best friend Mandy with her and lives together with her Mom who works two jobs a day.

On the brink of despair, Carrie almost surrendered, but with love from her mom and best friend, Carrie realizes how precious life is. The movie teaches us about faith, hope, love, and forgiveness. The film is directed by renowned Michaela Owens and produced by Cardington Studios.

Visit to know more about screening schedules and cinema availability. So, what are you waiting for, set a date, invite your family and friends, share this to your accounts, and witness the amazing story of Carrie Archer.

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