Bryan’s Adventure is a feel-good film that features the thoughts of a 6-year old child. The film is directed by Paul Rogers and produced under Pinewood Studios. This film is perfect for families and children of all ages.

Bryan’s Adventure follows the thoughts of 6-year old Bryan Michaels. Bryan just recently lost his pet dog Willy. His parents tried to comfort Bryan through the loss and promised to buy another puppy. However, Bryan refuses the idea of a new puppy and wishes to be alone most of the time.

One afternoon, Bryan decides to put on his sneakers and his little backpack and went out. Bryan then decides to walk around the neighborhood and asked strangers what happens after his pet died. At this point, the film showcases different stories and lesson from the strangers Bryan met. Bryan’s parents were worried as they never knew Bryan had left.

After searching for Bryan the whole afternoon, they found him beside a homeless old man in an ice cream shop. To their delight, Bryan bought the homeless man ice cream, and they sat side by side. His parents thank the homeless man and listened to Bryan’s fun-filled adventure. Bryan decides to get a new puppy.

The film is starred by Luke Evans, Mincy Horton, and Ellis Blues. To know more about the film, visit

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