We chatted with Cotton Fields director Timothy Johnson who has been a household name here in Breakthru Films. We spoke about the film and his background in directing Christian-based movies.

How do you think your faith affects your movies?

Ever since I was a child, I have been going to church with my family. The intensity of the passion for faith and love for God overwhelmed me, and until now, I stand by that. My faith affects how I deal with my movies by pointing me towards my motivation. How can I reflect God’s teachings through the camera? How can I enrich the Christian values we have? Those things.

What is special about Cotton Fields?

For me, Cotton Fields is close to home. Being African American, my ancestors have been a victim of slavery. This film aims to show our unfortunate but rich history. This also shows how we as a community hold on to our faith during desperate times and how it has saved us.

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