When All Is Lost is a movie that reminds us of forgiveness to ourselves and of hope amidst despair. This drama movie follows the downfall of Pastor Edwin James after losing his wife in a tragic car accident on their wedding anniversary. He was left alone with his four children and felt immensely depressed and alone.

He lost his will and motivation to continue living the pleasant life they had. This resulted in his neglect of pastoral and father duties. He succumbed to drinking, sleeping, and had developed anger issues. Because of this, his eldest son, Trevor, was forced to give up his younger siblings under the care of his aunt while he tries to save his father.

Pastor Edwin James is brought to life by the talented actor Michael Corbel, and Trevor is played by young actor Gregory Smith. Their talent surely captures the right emotions for the viewers and portrays a rich father-and-son dynamic through the screen. Despite the grave change of Pastor Edwin, Trevor never gave up on his father.

This film is a very good example of how self-forgiveness can help us move on with our lives. With the unconditional love from our family and God, being able to stand back up is not a journey anyone should be afraid of. The film teaches us that without pain and suffering, we could never know how rich life can possibly be.

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