Bella Rosa is a romantic drama film set during the 1890s in New York. The film is directed by Andy Byers and is produced under 3 Mils Studio.

Bella Rosa follows the life of a newly migrated Italian family in New York City. Rosa Russo is a young 20-year old lady aiming to enter university. Her father is a mechanic while her mother runs their small store of Italian pastries and meat. Their family is very religious and does not approve of their daughters being in a relationship.

Rosa was able to enter New York University and studied biology. Rosa Russo was a very beautiful lady and had attracted a lot of suitors in her university years. She never gave attention to anybody except for Carl Miller. Rosa’s family never approved of Carl because of his behavior. Much to the Russo family’s surprise, Carl was eager to win their approval. Rosa finished college and found work as a teacher, while Carl became an engineer.

The true test of their relationship was when both of their families disapprove their marriage because of religious differences. The Russos were Catholics but the Millers were Protestants. The couple fought for their happiness and the families later on saw their passion.

The film stars Veronica Bianchi and Keith Hammers. Know more about this romantic film by visiting

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