Through the Desert is a romance drama film that takes on a life of a retired army Johnny McAdams. Johnny McAdams filed for early retirement after experiencing a traumatic incident in Iraq. Going back to his hometown in Texas, he settled back into his family’s ranch. During these times, Johnny was experiencing bad psychological trauma and was diagnosed with PTSD.

His psychologist recommended that he get a service dog to help him through his day. When looking for his service dog, he met Sally who works as a volunteer in a kennel center. That was the start of their budding romance.

As Johnny and Sally were getting closer, Sally was able to experience the struggle of Johnny’s PTSD. With her help and his service dog Remy, Johnny was able to cope back to reality and decided to take over his family’s ranch.

The film is able to reflect the message of chance, hope, perseverance, and love. How Sally was being able to handle Johnny at his worst teaches us to wait for the person that can help save us. Johnny’s perseverance and hope to get better embodies Christian values very well. This heartfelt film is perfect for family get-togethers and night out with friends.

Johnny is played by Dominic Bradley and Sally is played by Anna Joaquine. To know more about the film and screening schedules, visit

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