When All Is Lost is out now in UK screens! Released in the US last May 25th, When All Is Lost is set to embark on UK screens on June 1st. The film is directed by Andy Collins and produced by Fox Searchlight Pictures.

When All Is Lost is a family drama film that focuses on the life of Pastor Edwin James. He has a lovely wife, Jane, and four beautiful children. Unfortunately, on the night of their wedding anniversary, a truck crashed into their car on their way to dinner.

Jane did not survive the accident but Pastor Edwin did. Left with four children and devastated, he started to lose his way. He started to disregard his pastoral duties, started to drink, and had anger problems. His eldest son Trevor started to feel the strain in their relationship while his other siblings were put to care to their aunts.

This movie is all about redemption, forgiveness, and finding your way back. With the great script and talent of the actors, the movie is filled with messages of hope, faith, and trust in God. Invite your friends and family to witness this great story. Know more details and screenings at www.whenallislostUK.com.

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