Cotton Fields is a heavy drama featuring the unfortunate years of slavery in the US. Directed by Timothy Johnson, this major film is an ode to his Christian faith and for the African American Day. Produced by Fox Searchlight Pictures, the movie is out on all major US theatres and UK cinemas.

The film follows the life of a married couple Allison and Henry Robinson in the year the 1850s. The couple worked under the household of the Davis. Allison was hired to be one of the family’s cooks while Henry was hired to tend their cotton field. With the realities of slavery back in the day, the couple barely had a nice calm life.

At first, Allison thought of the Davis’ as kind masters, but when Henry was receiving physical abuse and no rest in the fields, she thought otherwise. For months, Allison was not able to tend to her husband despite begging to her masters. She was often slapped and humiliated during parties several times.

Allison and Henry never gave up on each other and prayed each day while working under the Davis. They were able to see each other once again after 10 years. As slavery in the USA ended, the couple fled and began their new life.

The film stars Henry Davis, Wilma Wright, and George Smith. Visit to know more about theatre listing and screenings.

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