Not Today Carrie is a film that reflects the current issues young adults may face. The film shows how bullying can affect one’s life drastically and what consequences can spring from it. Carrie Archer is a 15-year old girl who is bullied by her classmates because her father is a convicted heroin dealer.

Carrie receives abuse online, humiliated in school on a daily basis, and verbally abused. She lives with her mom who now works 2 jobs a day. Mandy, her only friend, does her best to comfort Carrie.

On the brink of despair, Carrie almost resorted to suicide but was fortunately saved by Mandy and her mom. Carrie received medical attention right after. The school’s guidance counselor talked and helped Carrie recover while making sure that her bullies were given the right punishment. She was able to recover and decided to forgive those who bullied her before transferring to another school.

The film handles the topic of mental health and suicide quite well. It teaches viewers and especially young adults that bullying is never a good idea. It is detrimental, unhealthy, and a sin.

The message of forgiveness in the movie is very well highlighted. Carrie forgives them despite all the pain she went through. This greatly mirrors Jesus’ love and forgiveness for all of us. To know more about the film and show dates, visit

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