Top Movie Websites Like Netflix

Internet connection has provided people with so many things – communication, access to information, and even entertainment. Right now, Netflix is one of the leading websites, if not THE leading, to watch movies and TV shows. Depending on your account type, you can watch and download from an array of movies and TV shows. It even produces its own shows. Netflix also has an application for phones and tablets to make watching more convenient and accessible.

However, there are some cases wherein Netflix is unavailable for some, and if that happens, it’s good to know the alternatives.


If you’re looking for free Netflix alternatives, you may want to check these sites out.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV can be one great free movie site. There’s no need to register. You can watch a lot of movies there for free. However, ads can be a bit annoying as they tend to appear a little too often. Getting an account allows you to enjoy more features. Tubi TV is also available in many devices –computers, smart TV’s, iOS, and such.

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle can really go head to head with Netflix. It also has a large collection of movies and videos – all for free. There are some ads on it, but they can easily be ignored. There’s no need to subscribe, and it allows you to watch through your phone, smart TV’s, and tablets.


YouTube is not only known to be an alternative to Netflix. It has made a name for itself since computers became a trend. The number of videos that can be found on this website is massive, and the categories are as diverse as it can be. You can find movies and TV show episodes here, as well as other videos that talk about different topics from preschool lessons to personal vlogs.


Popcornflix is a good alternative to Netflix, especially if you don’t have strict preferences. Although its array of movies and TV shows isn’t as big and the content isn’t as clear as Netflix’s or other movie streaming websites, it still has enough in it to keep you entertained.


Another great alternative to Netflix is SnagFilms. It offers a wide variety of videos from movies to documentaries for free. All the videos are categorized and are of good quality – 720p or 1080p. Videos that can’t be found anywhere else have a chance of being found here, making it a unique site to watch videos from.


If you’re looking for more, there are also paid alternatives to Netflix.


Hulu is a tight contender in the movie streaming world. It offers almost the same things that Netflix does. You can watch movies and TV shows here with commercials, but you also have the option to watch them without. Its advantage over Netflix is that they air the most current season of the shows.


Especially if you’re in Asia, Iflix is a great alternative to Netflix. The monthly subscription is relatively cheaper and more Asian shows are aired here. Western TV shows and movies are several too but still not as numerous as Netflix’s.


There are more alternatives to Netflix, but of course, each one has a different offer and some may have a better web hosting provider than the others, which is important in video streaming. Nevertheless, there is no need to worry about not getting that Friday movie night people enjoy so much as the Internet has no shortage of movie streaming websites.

Not Today Carrie

Not Today Carrie is finally showing across cinemas in the US. Released in the UK last June 10th, US screenings are set on June 14th.

Not Today Carrie is a film about the bullied high-school life of Carrie Archer. Carrie is bullied by several other teens because her father is a convicted heroin dealer. Carrie deals with this abuse almost every day. She gets cyberbullied as her friends mock her online social media profiles, gets humiliated in school, and had rumors spread about her. Carrie has her best friend Mandy with her and lives together with her Mom who works two jobs a day.

On the brink of despair, Carrie almost surrendered, but with love from her mom and best friend, Carrie realizes how precious life is. The movie teaches us about faith, hope, love, and forgiveness. The film is directed by renowned Michaela Owens and produced by Cardington Studios.

Visit www.nottodaycarrieUS.com to know more about screening schedules and cinema availability. So, what are you waiting for, set a date, invite your family and friends, share this to your accounts, and witness the amazing story of Carrie Archer.

Black Forest

The Black Forest is an upcoming inspirational film showing this 26th of June. The story is a fictional drama-thriller based on the real accounts of hiking stories in the Black Forest in Germany. Directed by 2018’s “Best Indie Director,” Frederick George, he brings a chilling take on courage and hope.

The fictional drama-thriller circles around the protagonist, Daniel Martinez, who is a Spanish hiker. Having a love for adrenaline chase and mountains, Daniel decided to take on the challenge of hiking through the Black Forest. Daniel Martinez is married to Sofia Martinez and together has a 5-year old baby girl. Daniel bids goodbye to his family and journeys to Germany alone. His friends were worried about why he decided to take the hike alone, but Daniel insisted that he is already capable.

Daniel encounters unbelievable challenges in the Black Forest as he finds his way back to the main city. Lost, afraid, alone, and exhausted, Daniel finds the courage and hope through the week-long struggle. Daniel tries to conquer the weather, wild animals, natural elements, injuries, and his dying hope.

The film shows us through the enthralling, heart-pumping, and intense drama-thriller, that despite whatever challenges we face, with courage and hope, we can get through it all. This reminds us to trust in God during hard times when we fail to see the meaning of the storms. With the imagery from the film and the spectacular cinematography, Director Frederick George surely captures emotions through this film.

The film is starred by Jeremy Garcia, Nancy White, and Thomas Willis. This quality film and stellar cinematography are produced by Wardpark Studios.

The movie is set to be released on the 26th of June in major UK cinemas including Odeon Luxe. Selected cinemas across Europe will also have special screenings. Reserve your tickets now at www.blackforestfilm.com.

Black Forest Theatres

Black Forest will be released on the 26th of June in these following cinemas:

  • AMC Manchester
  • Cineworld Dublin
  • Dominion Edinburgh
  • Empire Birmingham Great Park, Clydebank, Ipswich, Sunderland, Sutton, Swindon, Walthamstow, Wigan
  • Gate Multiplex Cork
  • IMC Carlow, Dun Laoghaire, Galway
  • IMC Kilkenny, OMAGH, Santry, Tallaght
  • Light Cinema Cambridge, Sheffield, Stockport
  • Movie House Coleraine, Yorkgate Belfast
  • Odeon (all cinemas)
  • Omniplex (all cinemas)
  • Savoy Dublin
  • Sgc Dungarvan
  • Showcase (all cinemas)
  • Studio Dunoon
  • Uci Coolock
  • University of Essex Students’ Union
  • Vue (all cinemas)
  • Waterfront Greenock
  • Zeffirellis Ambleside

Black Forest is a drama-thriller about a Spanish hiker lost in the vast Black Forest, Germany. Daniel Martinez tests his courage and faith in a week-long struggle against wild animal encounters, natural elements, injuries, and weather. On the brink of giving up, Daniel pulls out his last drop of strength, courage, and hope and finally finds a way back to the city.

Feel the intense thrill, be on the edge of your seats, and experience heartfelt drama with the anticipated Black Forest. This movie is directed by 2018’s “Best Indie Director,” Frederick George, and produced by Wardpark Studios. Visit www.blackforestfilm.com for ticket reservations and information on other European cinema screenings.